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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tool #9

I have used skype before to talk to my sister who has recently moved to San Antonio. My teen age daughter uses it all the time to talk to her friends and to review and go over homework. There are so many things we could do in the classroom with skype. We could "pen pal" with other kindergartners in the district or even state. Students could discuss books and have a "book talk" over a book that both classes have read. Maybe if a class was learning about the rain forest we could skype with someone who actually had been to one or lives near one to hear about their experiences. What a fun tool to use in the classroom. I have never used jinga but looking at the video, it would be lots of fun also. Using the screencast to show the students on the other line what we are "seeing" and created. A great way to share with others.

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  1. I also use skype to talk to my family that lives out of town but it didn't occur to me that teenagers could use it to review or discuss homework and have "book talks" I love the idea!